is a romanian, Berlin-based photographer and bookmaker. She did her BA and MA in Photography at the University of Visual Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania and the Academy of Arts, Wrocław, Poland. Rada mostly works with analog photography and develops her black and white films in her studio by the Spree. She loves the process of photography and how it creates the illusion of eternity while only documenting a transient moment. 

Her work is based on found imagery and concepts that she de- and re-contextualises; an exercise in understanding contemporary nonsense through referencing past representations. By decontextualizing an image, she is creating the opportunity to find new meanings to an already internalised codex of representations.

Photo courtesy of Mora Alexandru. 


2019 Book Launch and exhibition, Studies on Precipitation,  with Adrian Rötzscher, Das Gift, Berlin, DE
2018 Book Launch, West Germany, Berlin, DE
2018 Group exhibition, Modern Art Museum, Leon, Spain
2018 Group exhibition, La Bel Ordinaire, Billère, Aquitaine, France
2017 Group exhibition, Zines of the Zone, Le Wonder, Paris
2017 Book launch Atem, Raum B, Berlin, DE
2017 Book Launch Atem, PS1 MoMa, New York Printed Matter Art Book Fair
2017 Group exhibition 48hrs nk, Hase, Berlin
2017 Group feature, Printroom Gallery, Rotterdam
2017 Group exhibition, Aici Acolo Pop Up Gallery, Cluj Napoca
2015 Group exhibition, Book and Job Gallery, San Francisco
2014 Group exhibition, On the road, F-stop Magazine, Issue #65
2013 You wanted something monumental, BA degree exhibition
2012 Group exhibition, Ondas de miopia tipar, Galeria U, Wroclaw 

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